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Although I am a big fan of Missouri Bullet products in 12/15/18 BHN and will continue to use them, I am thinking about trying Z Cast Bulletz. I have found my target loads favor the softer lead alloy (especially for the 45ACP loads using 12 BHN bullets) and produce very accurate shotgroups without leading.

"Z Cast Bulletz uses a Lead Alloy Mixture containing Lead, Antimony and Tin and has a BHN hardness of 14-16" and looks like it's a small operation like how Missouri Bullet started.

So far, reviews have been positive with very good prices:

9mm 124 gr RN - $22/500
.357 158 gr RN/SWC - $24/500
40S&W 180 gr RN - $27/500
45ACP 200 gr RNFP - $29/500
45ACP 200 gr SWC - $33/500
45ACP 230 gr RN - $34/500
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