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Polishing vs Cleaning Brass

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I am so glad I started this thread and it is so popular. Lots of good info on here.
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I too am glad you started this topic, although some of us have gotten off track sometimes, myself included.

You asked about POLISHING Brass where I took the subject to CLEANING Brass, which is not always the same.

I was recently looking at some of my brass that was polished. It had a very smooth finish on the exterior and was very shiney. Then I compared it to brass that was cleaned with SS Pins and noticed the pin process CLEANED the brass to point of being very shiney, inside and out, without doing the polishing that tumbling in dry media accomplishes.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is I got your topic off track by confusing POLISHING vs CLEANING. I have polished brass in the past to point where other shooters complemented my beautiful brass but that it did not help me shoot any better. However I have noticed an increase in accuracy with using clean brass, whether psychological or not, I know I have done all I can to make the first round exactly the same as the last round without concern about using used dirty cases, which may result in light primer strikes due to primer seated on crud, or powder burn affected by tumbling media mixed with burnt powder crud inside cases (which some of my polished bottle-necked cases had inside).

Hope this explains why I went off-topic.
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