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OldMarksman: Actually, the experts who recommend taking up a defensive position and calling 911 rather than trying to confront an intruder include all of the well-known instructors, trainers, and writers in the field of home defense.
I live in an apartment, one way in and one way out. I will be hid behind cover to open fire as they come through the living room door, just about the only way to get in. I won't be calling 911 till the gunfight is over, because I will not give away my position to the intruders. There is no exit to retreat. I am confident that I can stop any one, two or three intruders coming through the door with my S&W 625-5 45 Long Colt and my CA Bulldog 44 Spl.

My home is not the typical one which might have 2 or 3 ways to get in or out. Once the gunfight is over, I will then call 911. Intruders with good hearing might hear someone dialing and know which way to direct their gunfire. Armed or unarmed they will not make it beyond the living room door.

I do understand however, that others who have a way to exit their home to escape with family might choose that option. I do not have an option except to stop them at the entry point.
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