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Helping my boss pick a progressive press

My boss is getting into reloading for the purpose of making making practice 10mm Auto loads that will come close to replicating the Buffalo-Bore loads.

I personally only have a Lee Turret press because I have more time than money, but I am doing my best to help him out. I recommended to him a Dillon 550B, he was thinking about an RCBS Pro 2000. (He was shopping via the sales catalogs.)

I pointed out the following critiques of the Pro 2000 vs the 550B that I found while searching:

The primer strip concept sounds neat but it's no faster or less tedious than pickup tubes, and the strip-feeding mechanism in the press is complex, non-intuitive, chews up strips, ugh it's just awful.
The powder measure actuation system mounts directly to the press and not the die plate, which means there's no possibility of quick caliber changes. Every time you change calibers you must re-adjust the whole system.
The powder measure itself is not satisfactorily accurate with small charges of common pistol powders. The Dillon (and also the lowly Lee disk) powder measure is strictly superior.
Because of the direction the shellplate rotates and the placement of the component trays and station 1 on the left side of the press, your left hand ends up doing a disproportionate amount of work, and you are not able to multi-task between press cycles. Compare to the 550 which lets you place a bullet with your left hand while placing an empty case with your right.
What says everyone else?
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