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Thanks for the great info. It's an 1891.
The rifle has been sporterized and the wood seems pretty nice and solid but no crazy figuring.
I don't reload now but I did save the brass in case I do in the future. I only started shooting about a year ago but I really do enjoy it so if it's like any of my other hobbies I'll probably get pretty deep in. I tend to be a tinkerer.
I had no plans to get a rifle but the opportunity came up to make a trade with another member here on the board and I went for it.
I've been keeping my eyes open at the local gun shows for older rifles like these because of the cool history behind them and the price. I think a 91/30 might be in my future.
It would also be nice if it were easier to shoot in my area. I had to go about an hour to the range today. I kills me when people here on the board talk about being able to shoot in the "back yard". I live in a condo 30 miles from NYC, no back yard ranges here.
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