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Argentine Mausers can sure be fun to shoot. Is your Mauser a Modelo 1896 or the Modelo 1909 model. Also has it been sporterized or is it in original condition? Some of the wood used on Argentine (and other South American Mausers) is spectacular in figure and density.

The 7.65 Mauser cartridge isn't too far behind the 7.62 NATO for power. If you start to reload for it, you'll probably need .310 to .312 diameter bullets, depending on your barrel. With soft point bullets it will easily tip a deer over.

Assuming that your rifle has the original sights and barrrel length, I did some quick math for you so that you can center up your deflection (windage).

From the SR-1 target that you shot on, you look to be about 5" to the left. Given that, and assuming a 25" sight radius on your rifle, if you drift the front sight to the LEFT about .035", you should be zeroed up windage wise. For reference, that is just shy of the width of a dime, which is about .046"

As you already know, you have a nice a nice ladder sight with various ranges marked on it to raise or lower your elevation.

Post a photo of the "Fusil de Arjentina."
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