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usual colors for cartridge cases?

I've never done any reloading as I've done very little shooting. I soon, however, intend to join a gun club and start shooting. I want to reload, more for the pleasure of the accomplishment, than for the cost savings, but the savings will always be nice. (I'm still reading re equipment but as a newbie I think the Lee CTP is the way I'll start.)

I've looked at some of the neat reloading benches on these forums. I noticed cases, primers, powder, bullets and reloaded cartridges stored in everything imaginable. Some cartridges in all the same color boxes, others with 2 or even 3 colors.

I was thinking of buying storage cases from J and J Products, which, after a little internet snooping, appears to be a "paper" company that has had Pope Products make their moulds, and then make and drop ship their cases to the customer.

They look like good cases and they have 6 colors so I thought I'd go white for .380, camo for 9MM X 19, yellow for .38, blue for .40 S&W, red for 45 ACP and smoke for 45 LC. Does this sound like a good plan?

Is there any "convention" for colors for the various calibers? I just don't want to buy all this stuff and then have someone tell me that "everyone" uses something else and I'll confuse someone. TIA
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