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This has happened to me a couple times.

Growing up black in a mostly white city this brings back memories of racist creeps stalking me. As a younger kid in school you don't know what this guy is thinking, he should of never got out of the car. 1) Young boys get get kidnapped just like young girls do. 2) Not wearing a uniform and not identifying yourself makes you a stalker. 3) People pick up on emotions if you are getting out of the car to confront someone chances are the situation is not going to go good because they have already sniff out your aggressive nature.

Lucky for me when something crazy happened and some creep said something or tried to confront me there was a level headed adult around to put an end to it. When I was 12 - 17 I can't count the never of times racist creeps have approached me or yelled something at a little kid.

This dude needs to go to jail.
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