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hooligan, I started (way back) with IMR4064 and then went to IMR4831. After that it was H4831 and then H4831sc. I suppose that I could start trying lots of new powders and some old ones, but this works so well that I just can't get motivated to change powders. According to my old notes from my shootin book, this load "shoots tight round groups of about 3/4 inch". I have bought some new Norma cases and will eventually switch to them (from Remington cases), but there's no hurry to do that. I might, or might not, try a few of the new powders at the time of the case switch. As for velocity, I've never owned a chronograph, but with the Sako sighted in at 200 yards my estimation of bullet drop at longer ranges has been dead on to 450 yards (nice 8 point), so the load should be around 3000 fps. I'll probably buy a chronograph this year if I can figure out which one I should buy (simple, cheap, accurate, durable).

Just the other day I was reading a new shooting magazine and the writer was talking about his 270 and his favorite load. He said that he used what he called the gold standard loading for that caliber, which was a 130 grain bullet over 59 grains of H4831sc. Well...heck...that's my load. I'll probably just stay with it or modify it just a touch for best accuracy when I go to the Norma cases.
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