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Another + for Boyds' Gunstocks

I recently bought a Winchester Model 12 with a cracked buttstock (turns out the previous owner had shoved a just-barely-too-large bar of casting lead in there), and I turned to Boyd's to get a replacement. They advertise "factory fit", but I expected to spend a little time with a file getting it just right.

I expected wrong.

After I got the old stock off, I put the Boyd's stock on to see how it fit fit - there was just enough friction to hold it in place without the stock bolt - and it settled right to the action like it had been born there. I haven't taken it out to test fire (I haven't even put away my tools yet), but it shoulders just as naturally as the original, and feels just as good in my hand.

Only one problem: what am I supposed to do with this chunk of of 40/60 lead?
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