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Thursday at the range a guy gave me about 250 rounds of milsurp .223 cases the he had just shot. Stuff had to be left over from Vietnam it was so tarnished, 10 minutes of hand agitation in the vinegar and lukewarm water along with 100 .38's and 100 9mm's and other than the annealing discoloration it looks brand new. Don't see how any stainless pins and a 200 dollar tumbler could clean it any better. I just layed it out on newspaper in the yard that afternoon then moved it into the garage onto some old shop towells Thursday night because it rained here yesterday.When I deprimed it this morning and even the primer holes were dry.

Guess I could make a case dryer out of plywood with some rat wire shelves and a light bulb heat source and a old 12v fan if i ever got ambitious but it's almost summer and the sun does a pretty good job here in the south
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