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I don't remember the exact numbers, but several years ago the veh/deer encounters got so bad in the county (don't remember the name) but contains Wichita KS, the county attorney advertized the fact that he would REFUSE to prosicute any poaching charges in an effort to eliminate or cut down on the number of vehicle/deer accidents.

In Alaska its really bad this year, only moose instead of deer. Record heavy snows have forced the moose on to the highways and railroad right of ways.

Not just vehicle accidents but moose predestrian encounters.

I would be willing to bet that more moose are killed (or shot after) being hit by vehicles in the Anchorage/Mat Su area then killed by hunters in the whole state.

I know when I was a cop in Anchorage I had to shoot a heck of a lot of them in my 20 years with the Anchorage Police Department. Also spent a lot of time pulling guard duty at school bus stops because of moose in the area.

18 years ago (as of two days ago) I retired and moved back to Wyoming. There is no way to keep track of the number of deer killed on our highways. I would bet most are not even reported.

Hard to compair numbers, we sell heck of a lot of deer tags, We have more deer then people in this state.
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