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I bought an SR22 about a month ago Ser# 115XX. Made sure to check the barrel bolt and loctited it in (blue). We shot the gun twice over that weekend.
Brought it home to strip and clean. Found a wear mark on the slide on the relase side. Took photos and sent to Ruger. Had a ppd shipping label the next day and off it went to the mothership. They just shipped it back yesterday. Hoping to receive Monday.

Really a fun little pistol to shoot. It's accurate and easy to break down. I have heard of several other issues on them besides the barrel bolt and slide rubs.
The takedown lever has broken in several as the recoil spring weakens. It allows the slide to slam into the lever. You have to be sure the lever is fully embeded or the slide will lop the upper part of the plastic lever off. Not sure what Ruger is going to do about that.

Will report back when I get it in my hands at the range.
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