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Like 603country says "shoot em through the lungs", and outside of a few heart-shot deer that what I like to do.
The ballistic tip isn't a bonded core bullet like the Accubond,(hence the name) so if it's loaded for high velocity and the deer is closer and this bullet connects with bone, it could very well explode, explode is not a very good word for my description (it's easiest) try dissinegrate, because of the way it's made.
As far as neck and head shots go, I try for center mass behind shoulders because putting meat on the ground quickly is my standard, I never will intentionally head shoot a deer, but I will take a neck shot if it's the only shot and I need the deer.

I like the Accubond because it's kind of like the Partition and kind of like the B-Tip also,,, best of both you might say!!!

603 country, do you get good velocity and accuracy from the H4831 sc? And have you tried 4350 of H and IMR makes?
Thanks for coming!
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