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Originally Posted by Emuricah
So I've been debating on which caliber is best to use for self defense as my conceal carry.... I can't imagine I would need a higher capacity magazine. Also I am looking at either a Glock 21 gen 4 or Glock 23
Some contradictions in the OP - both of those Glocks are hi-cap double stacks and neither would be much fun to conceal daily.

I figure a ccw is a self defense weapon, 6+1, plus a spare is hopefully enough.

I'm a big fan of .40, but I see it as a better option to 9mm, not better than 45.

I've found one pistol that I think does it all really well... the Glock 27
Its not perfect at anything - its not a tiny ccw and its not 13+1 of 45ACP either - but 9+1 of .40 is a bunch of firepower in a small concealable very shootable package, making it suitable for almost any type of defensive use.

For a .45 for carry you might really like the Glock 36 plus a spare mag on the opposite hip.

For general use and home defense you might like the Glock 30.

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