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I'd love to hire more people. We seem to be sucking air on locating qualified applicants, however. Believe me, we're trying. We ran a want ad in the local newspaper last week. We have received a total of ONE resume.
If Brad can't find the work force, I think maybe it's time Brad offers "bullet casting internship" program to local high schools and colleges to "grow" his own workforce. Imagine doing a presentation to a group of high school seniors/college students ... Make your hobby your job and get a great workout as a fringe benefit of employment (Can you say "resistance workout"?). Learn metallurgy and see it in action. Employee discount on bullets and free use of company range. Any takers? <this is where Brad hands out applications for internship with waivers>

Just a thought to expand his potential employment options. By the time they complete the internship, Brad would have candidates already competent in all phases of production and he gets "pick of the litter".
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