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I agree with sham to an extent, average accuracy rate for shootings with even LE is what under 11% IIRC? In a time is life situation or high stress situation, life or death whatever you want to call it, you fall back on training. Sure accuracy at the range is good, there is no disputing that but casually shooting at the range and training under stress are two entirely different things. Ever CCW case i read about constantly reverts to falling back on training and most with the exception of one lately don't shoot that accurately, which is human nature, that much stress and adrenaline is hard to overcome to shoot accurate shots unless you've done it before or constantly train for it so training takes over even then it's not guaranteed as everyone is different. People can talk 40 beating out a .45 on paper energy wise etc. and i'm not saying it doesn't but the 45 has been effectively killing for almost 100 years now, and i for one like that extra diameter in wound channel, given the fact i don't trust myself to shoot accurately in the situation. I still like a .40 a lot but i'm a big 45 fan. After my 1911 M&P 40 is next on my list.

The latest case i read guy took out two thugs using a failure drill IIRC 2 shots to COM 1 in the head, and he executed to perfection with his 1911. Humans are also extraordinary when it comes to things like death. In the victims write he stated the HPs to the COM both of which were hit twice didn't put them down which caused him to use a final shot to the noggin.

This is JMO on the matter.
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