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I just checked the RI legislative calendar and I can find no introduced legislation regarding opening up CCW. Since the deadline is close (or passed) for submitting legislation this year, whoever wrote the article is sorely mistaken.

For context, 16 bills regarding firearms were introduced last year and only one even made it past committee, to let the town of Middletown decide whether or not they could pass a law to prevent discharging a weapon in the city limits.

As for getting a permit, I would go through the Attorney General first if you are in the Navy. You can definitely get one from them with a "target restriction", which means nothing since there is no legislation allowing them to add a restriction and it is already legal to transport a gun in your car to a target range (don't argue with them, they know this already), and you might get an unrestricted permit. If that does not work, you can get one through the town. Every town is different and the requirements are different. Go to or for all kinds of info. Some towns are easy, some are are hard.

Getting a permit in CT, NH and Maine are very easy once you have a RI permit. MA is hard and VT has no permit. No nonresident permit exists for NY.
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