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Posted by boostedtt91: im guessing most of these so called "experts" are all part of the anti-gun party and think that nobody should be allowed to defend themselves except for hiding and calling 911 which is plain worthless in my eyes.
Actually, the experts who recommend taking up a defensive position and calling 911 rather than trying to confront an intruder include all of the well-known instructors, trainers, and writers in the field of home defense.

If someone is trying to break into my house for any reason, do you think you really have time to call 911 and wait for the police to show up? I dont think so...
Whether you will have time for someone to call 911 before having to defend yourself will depend upon circumstances, but if it is possible it is a very good idea.

First thing im doing is getting my weapon and going to a corner of a room where i can see every angle of the room. So if they do come into that room, they are gonna wish they didnt
I'm not sure what your home layout is, but one would generally be best served by getting his or her weapon and getting behind concealment, if cover is not possible, where it is possible to see the path by which the invaders would have to approach.
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