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Whats your best reload for the 270 Winchester

Pottermountainman: Isn't it strange? that the 270 Win has such a universal acceptance of most commonly found powders in our market place? So many different charges?-? and all are said to be very accurate by their shooters.

Ambishot: Thanks for the link. But I believe it is always good to re- thread a topic every now and then. As there are always new people joining this FLF site all the time that very well might have a new piece of information to share. I have like you stayed at 55.0 and a bit below on our powder of choice IMR-4350. But, have always pushed the envelope for more speed while holding accuracy was an absolute. Your 130 gr. bullet load is quite similar to mine at 3000 ft per sec. But I have developed a new "secret" load at 3200 off the barrel crown that has shown outstanding down range results with a 130 gr. Nosler Ballistic-Tip. Maybe I'll share. Maybe I won't? But it's only fair "I should get someone else's secret load in return. Don't you all think?"

LOL, ya my secret load is a commercial Remington 130 grain Corelokt round, best hunting load I've found for the 270. But that's no secret.
Ah ??.. Jim243: Your favorite cartridge is not a reload Sir. "Although it is a very good choice on your part."

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