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It's 31 rounds here in Ohio. 32 rounds makes it a DD as per the weapon definitions in the ORC. A machine gun, short barreled rifle or shotgun are also considderd DDs per O.R.C. 2923.11. If you have NFA paper work the 31 round law goes out the window as was proven in Ohio v. Tim Terell. (2923.17)

The feed system does not determine if something is regulated by the NFA

You can't "get a stamp" for something unless you mean you are going to build something on form 1 (can't make new machineguns) or buy something on form 4.

There is also a Destructive Device licence in Ohio. 2923.18(5) It's pretty vague but I have met with a man at the Tusco rifle club who has a Ohio DD licence for his drum or belt fed semi autos. As there is no licence form available he had his attorney make a little packet to take to his Sheriff to sign.

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