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I think I am using 60.0gr of h4831 with a Barnes 130gr ttsx. 3060mv out of a 22" browning a-bolt. Groups under 1.5" at 100 yds. No signs of pressure or case wear. Bolt throw and extraction are perfect. I neck size only using a Forster bushing die. After 7 firings the cases have not needed a trim.

One thing about the ttsx... It is such a tough bullet it is absolutely critical that you place all shots in the vitals. The bullet stays together so well it is almost like shooting an fmj. I have shot 2 Texas whitetails just outside of the vitals and they have both ran over 100 yds. All that I have hit directly in the vitals bang flopped. Very minimal meat damage with this bullet. Obviously a pass through every time on these 100-130 lb deer.
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