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Officer Reston took a .45 to the chin from assailant Joel Abner and the shot caused Reston to go down, the assailant fired a few more rounds at his chest and thinking the officer dead began walking away, Reston sat up, drew his sidearm and the two exchanged fire. Reston's protective vest stopped the rounds fired at his chest. Reston was struck two more times - one in the arm and once in the hip / buttocks. The conflict ended when Reston grappled Abner and fired 2 point blank shots into his head.

So anyway, there is an example of someone getting shot with a .45, in the chin, and he continues to fight and eventually prevails.

Things may have been very different if Abner had been using hollow point ammo... the FMJ bullet that stuck Reston punched a very neat hole in his chin, traveled down his neck and exited out the back of his neck. It broke his jaw but that's about it, meaning the path of the bullet was a fairly clean path.
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