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I'd love to hire more people. We seem to be sucking air on locating qualified applicants, however. Believe me, we're trying. We ran a want ad in the local newspaper last week. We have received a total of ONE resume. And in terms of expanding the operation - we have eight Magma LubeMasters and either Magma Bullets Masters with another one due in two weeks. I don't know of any cast bullet manufacturer with anywhere near that level of production infrastructure
I need to find a job. Living in FLA does me no good. I would go to work for him in a heart beat. Work is work even for me at 59 years old.
problem today is all the whipper-snappers are wanting to do as little as possible and make as much as possible. Work ethics have gone down the old crapper in this country.

There is a simple way to solve that - it is called making the job lucrative enough to attract qualified personnel

If you want to hire a registered Civil Engineer with 15 years experience, and you offer him 20K, how many folks do you think you'll get?
Anyone know for a fact what they are offering for pay, amount of hours, in essence all the details of the employment offer?
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