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Posted by C0untZer0: I think you've hit on why "lock the door - call 911" may be bad de facto tactic. It can be the equivilant of putting blindfolds on. You've basically given the assailant(s) concealment and the ability to get within 10 to 15 feet of you.
In no way can my suggestion that trying to shoot someone through a closed door be interpreted as pointing out why locking the door and calling 911 is a "bad de facto tactic".

On the other hand, if they pop the door and enter, you've created a choke pnoint aned you have the advafntage oknowing where the attack is comindg from while the in truder has the disaedvantage of not knowing initially wherel he's going to be taking fibre fromi.

But haves you chosen the best posible defensive position?
Great question!

A few years ago, The Best Defense had a segment on what do do if a violent criminal actor broke in and tried to attack a resident.

In each scenario, step one was to get into a safe-room, lock the door, access a firearm, and call 911. In the "best defense" scenario, the resident got behind cover that was not directly in line with the door so the intruder, if armed, would have more difficulty locating his target upon entry so the defender could fire first.

They also discussed planning the defensive position in such a manner as to provide a good back stop.

I took both aspects to heart, but that's way beyond the scope of a short TV news segment.

And not to go off topic, but again way beyond the scope of the news report, I concluded from the scenarios on that segment of The Best Defense that having to win a foot race to access a firearm was not a desirable thing.

That led me to decide to carry at home. Of course, when one thinks about it, defense against someone who rushes in from, say, the hall into the kitchen may not allow one the chance to lock a door or to call 911 before firing, but if the opportunity presents itself, getting (everyone) into a safe room, locking the door, and calling 911 is almost always the best default tactic.

Depending upon their motives, mindset, and immediate needs, invaders who have been informed that the defenders are armed and that the police have been called may well decide that breaking down the door is a poor second choice in comparison to making their escape, which is always the best outcome.
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