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I was forced into one-handed shooting last year when I had a rotator cuff injury. Once it healed, I started weak hand single just to catch up a bit.

This article inspired me to use yesterday's gorgeous weather to convince my wife to come with me to the range - the outdoor range with the fixed-distance 25 foot pistol range instead of the indoor range to which she comes with me once in a blue moon and shoots at 5 yards. It was also her introduction to snubbies - 2" model 10, 2" model 64, and 1.75" model 442. After hitting the target 5 times out of 20, it came as a surprise to her that it wasn't as easy as with the Model 19 at 5 yards. She's determined to come back and get better.

So, thanks for the article and the inspiration. This may work out on many levels.
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