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I have always shot sighted fire a lot, at most any distances off and on from 5yds to 100yds with my service pistols and revolvers, but some of my favorite drills, are some of the most basic for CCW.

Of course I have played all of the games with hostage targets in the mix, etc, but some of my favorite drills go something like this:

set up one or two IDPA cardboard targets at very close range, like 2 to 5 yards and just practice drawing and firing as fast as possible, like it really counted. I want good hits, but speed is everything, and unsighted fire is often the order of the day. I want to practice like I expect it to go down, in a close range, whoever gets there the quickest with the mostests is the winner.

I usually practice this one handed, sometimes from an odd angle in relation to my body, and often start the draw from under a typical ccw position, with my gun covered up to start. I practice this with various weapons from tiny back up guns to full blown 1911's, basically it just bottom line, get some lead in the air, ASAP! because this ain't no target match, I am talking about.

I also practice firing as soon as the gun clears the holster, typical of the old speed rock, or at least with that idea in mind. I believe in practicing like I might have to fight.
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