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Originally Posted by lincoln5
I think some of you are somehow missing the point of my post.
The point is, if you don't live in a big city, high-crime, "Little Beirut" type of
area, do you really want to carry a 40 oz. weapon concealed everyday? My first suggestion of course, would be to move. In small town USA where there is little crime and what problems you encounter are not likely to possess a
firearm, then the typical .38 snubbie, small semi-auto CCW weapon that is easy to carry daily is adequate.
If that's really your point, I think your reasoning is specious.

Yes, a private citizen, especially if he can avoid "high crime" areas, is very unlikely to need his gun. But the likelihood that he might need his gun is independent of the nature of the threat he might need his gun to defend against.

So while he might never need his gun, it's still possible that if he does he will need to deal with a strong, determined adversary who is under the influence of drugs and who will be difficult to stop.
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