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Ultimately, it's Brads decision to make. As I've dealt with him in the past with good results I hope I'll be able to buy his products in the future. If no, there are other good bullet companies out there that I've worked with as well. I applaud his success.

I don't know how well it applies but in the business I'm in, the owner of the company I work for originally had a partner. They had a difference in philosophy on business and decided to go their separate ways. My boss does everything he can to grab every bit of business he can. If we have to cut to the bone to get the job we work hard to improve the process so we can make a profit. His ex partner selects only the most profitable jobs that fits his model. The company I work for is about four to five times larger but apparently (according to my boss and other sources) the net profit between the two partners is about the same.
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