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I wrote:
Why do they avoid any advice on anything but running away?
Oldmarksman answered:

They did not. They advised locking the door and calling 911--and that's the best simple advice to give. To talk about a parent rounding up the children first, for example, would be far too complicated for a short news blurb.
It's a matter of interpretation. I include the locking the door part as "running away". It certainly has its place. If it's all you have you should try to do better.

I think calling 911 is a fine idea, if it doesn't get in the way of actually defending yourself. If it is a choice for me to make the call or go get my gun I'm going to get the gun. If I can do both so much the better.

I wrote:
Since advice about actual weapons was left out of the ABC "informative" piece I'm forced to include that such an omission in a piece ABOUT SURVIVING AN ATTACK means that ABC is of the opinion that defending yourself with weapons against attack isn't a good idea.
Oldmarksman wrote:
I draw no such conclusion. I detected no hint of an opinion that the several defensive shootings mentioned in the piece were not "good shoots", to use the vernacular
You are less cynical than me. I did detect such an opinion. In organizations or people who have displayed anti-gun and anti 2A opinion in the past I always assume nefarious intent until they show me otherwise. I think I'm on fairly safe ground with my assumptions considering we're talking about ABC and George Stepanopolous (Stephanopolous is a big shot. Big shots on camera have a great degree of editorial control).

It is my unscientific but considered opinion that stories, news reports and other forms of media highlighting the "danger" of having guns and defending yourself with guns or just defending yourself in general are becoming more frequent. I believe that this is a direct and purposeful response to the proliferation of gun related TV media over the last few years. Gun/hunting/shooting shows on TV have resulted in large increases in gun ownership. People well into adulthood who were never before exposed to firearms or self defense are now taking an interest in both. Anecdotal evidence of full ranges and empty ammo shelves abounds.

Imagine how the Brady crowd feels about this? After years of success in weakening gun rights and "educating" the un-informed to fear and dread firearms they now find themselves losing ground. Losing a LOT of ground. Can we expect them to sit and take it? I don't think so. I think they'll pull together whatever allies they have and counterattack the counterattack. I see pieces like this one on ABC as part of that.

I have no secret meeting minutes to show you, but if ABC and George S. aren't on the "allies" list of the Brady crowd I'd be very surprised.
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