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Posted by Onward Allusion: If the BGs are already in and there are other family members in the house, there's no way I'd get separated from them.
I believe that the overwhelming consensus of expert opinion is to get family members to safety, whether or not the bad guys are already in.

As for hiding behind a locked door while someone is trying to break in, that is utterly ridiculous if you're armed or have access to a firearm.
Why's that?

It takes a few seconds to break down a door.
Well, yeah, and should someone do that, it would provide incontrovertible evidence against any possible indications that might otherwise rebut an assumption that the use of deadly force was immediately necessary.

In my case enough time for me to draw and stop the threat as they're coming through the door or before - YES before.
I cannot imagine any reason for anyone in his right mind to shoot through a closed door. First, there is always the risk, however small, of shooting someone that someone does no want to shoot. Second, it is awfully hard to shoot to center mass when the target is completely hidden behind, or is only partially behind, a door.

Yes, I carry at home. I pretty much carry at all waking hours.
Good idea. Too many people base their preparations on the assumption that an invasion will occur while they are in the bedroom or otherwise able to access their defensive firearms before being cut off from them or otherwise engaged by one or more violent criminal actors.

If woken from a sound sleep by someone being in my house up to no good, I'd make sure family members are accounted for and hunker down.
Personally, I believe that is the best strategy to dal with a criminal invasion at any time of day.

Clearing a house is extremely difficult under ideal situations and having just woken up doesn't help.
i would imagine that that is one of the reasons for the advice given by the unnamed experts to the ABC reporters.
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