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[QUOTEAre you saying they had rifles but no ammo, because it was illegal to sell ammo to them][/QUOTE]

Yes, if a person sold them ammo and was caught they were hanged. The guns used by the indians were picked up on the battlefield for the most part. The guns used by many of the soldiers had bad ammo and the shells would not eject due to expansion. Wounded indians were carried off the field there were 8 dead left not 8 chiefs. I was told this by the park ranger not any history teacher. Now if you wish to see the markmanship of a native I suggest coming to Nebraska and go on a guided hunt up north of Omaha in Black Elk park, it will cost you but you will have a pro indian guide. You may use a target to practise up on your arrow skills, then ask one of them. He will show you some tricks and they hit what they aim at.

Custer wasnt that nice of a fellow, he was almost kicked out of the acadamy for rebellious stuff. He led a attack in the civil war took out some guys and saved the day, but it sure could of gone the other way. Luck was his till Little Bighorn. Indians wdere upset over being kicked off the res in the black hills due to gold was found there. It is still in the courts to this day.

Indians actually saved our rear ends in ww2, korea and nam with their code talking, still unbroken today. Thank an indian next time you meet up.

My friend had a Sioux ceremony at his service, also fire dept honor guard and 3 round volley by the VFW as he served bravely.

The books were written by those that oppressed the indians so are you surprised at the slant?
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