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Originally Posted by lincoln5
. . . . In small to medium size towns with low crime rates, I would say that the normal, compact snubbies and small caliber semi-autos are adequate for CCW. However, that being said, if you live in a large city with a high violent crime rate and your profession requires you to spend a lot of time in a high-risk area where many of the robberies and assaults are with a firearm, then you really should consider concealing a full size weapon of at least .40 caliber. The problem with .32, .38, .380/9mm weapons is not that they don't work, they do, but if you are being assaulted by someone with a firearm and you instinctively double tap them to "center mass" as you have been trained with these small caliber weapons, you are probably going to be shot as well before your attacker collapses
I can see the area of my domicile making a difference in how often I carry, but I don't see the connection between "small town/big town" and "caliber choice." Bad guys aren't actually any larger in the big city. A weapon & caliber sufficient for Bubba Backwoods ought to work on Donny Downtown. Or did I miss something here?
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