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I'm a .357 Magnum believer through and through

A .357 Magnum is a proven stopper of beasts of all kinds. Want reduced recoil? Load it with any number of .38 Sp loads. Want ultimate stopping power? Load it with 125-158 gr hollow points. Practice with the .38s and guard thyself with .357s. The range of available revolvers is wide, from Scandium-Alloy J-frames snubs to 8" barreled hunting rigs.

I've carried a Ruger SP101 for over 20 years (3" barrel, factory grips). It's a bit heavy, but absorbs recoil quite nicely, conceals adequately and will handle 1000s of rounds without a hiccup. I also carry a S&W M&P 340 because it's highly concealable, lightweight and once's a .357.

Ever since Law Enforcement gave up the .357, they've been searching for a caliber that will stop as effectively. .45 ACP is as close as they've gotten, but for pure consistency in stopping power, there's nothing like the magnum. The ballistic nature of the 125 gr. SJHP has been termed a "lightning bolt effect."

As for limited firepower, I understand why departments have gone to auto loaders. However, for most civilians there are very few circumstances that require more than 5 shots (I believe the actual average of shots fired is 3).

So...while there are many fine handguns and excellent reasons for carrying the various calibers, for me it is obviously the versatile and highly effective .357 magnum.
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