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In the age of two-handed shooting, one-handed shooting has become severely neglected. However, any parent could be carrying a child or grandchild when an incident occurs.
Or anything else, wallet at an ATM, gas nozzle at gas station, door handle, shielding or pushing away loved one, door knob, etc etc, the list is endless.

This is my pet peeve, seldom if ever does one have two hands free in such situations. Seldom do people practice with one hand.

I'm a firm believer a huge majority of SD practice should be with one hand. 50-40-10 meaning I believe 50% of your practice should be with your weak hand, 40% with your strong hand and 10% with both hands.

But it wont happen, we shoot better with two hands so our egos wont let us practice with one hand simply because we want to see good groups not bad groups shooting with one hand gives us.

Just think about it, how often do you walk around with two hands free?
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