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I don;t know who is working with him now but it could be just family. It is a huge hassle and liability step to go from tightknit family to hiring strangers who might sue you, steal from you, be lazy, report you to OSHA, EEOC, EPA, IRS, et al, or claim workplace injury and file for disability.

I was reading an article that said in the past decades virtually all NEW jobs came from startups in the first five years. But in the last couple of years with all the anti-business regulations, health care, EPA and everything going against them, small businesses are for the first time at a net zero new jobs. They are choosing to stay small or close down rather than take the jump into hiring outside employees.

Perhaps MO bullet chose to dodge the govt regulation/taxation "bullet" and stay small.

I hope this means I will still be able to buy their bullets through Grafs.
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