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Perhaps he had a change of heart and decided he didn't want to sell the gun for the agreed price. In doing so many people nowadays do not have the integrity to simply call and say, "I'm sorry I've decided I can't/won't sell it for that amount." Instead they make up a story that someone offered them more than what they were asking and they just HAD to take the offer. It happens all too often in today's society.

In fact I had something similar happen to me this past weekend. I ran into an acquaintance of mine who was selling a used handgun at a small gun show. We chatted jovially and then I asked what he was selling. He showed me and told me he wanted $450. I consulted my Bluebook for Gun Values and determined that in the condition the handgun was in it wasn't worth $450 considering they sold NIB for $400. It was about 75% and according to the book was worth about $335. Seeing as he was an acquaintance and not wanting to stick it to him I offered him $400 which I thought was fair. He quandered a bit then agreed to it. I told him I wasn't carrying the cash on me and I'd have to run to the bank to withdraw the funds. He stated he'd meet me at his home where I could pay for the gun and take possession of it.

So I ran to the bank (a 20 minute drive to my bank) withdraw the money and as I am pulling out of my bank's parking lot I see him driving by. I then decide to call him to let him know I can meet him in 5 min by his place. No answer on his phone. I drove to his home and he isn't there. I call again - no answer. I waited by his home for 30 min before calling yet again. Again no answer. I then drove home and waited a few hours figuring perhaps he was busy. I then called him again and there was no answer. At this point I was concerned that something may have happened so I drove back to his house. Bear in mind that its a 40 minute drive between his house and mine. I arrived and he was sitting on his front porch. As I exited my truck he took note of me and rushed into his home. Afterward he locked his door and refused to come speak with me. At that I returned home confused as to what was going on.

Fast forward till this morning when I ran into his wife at the supermarket. She was kind enough to inform me that her husband had changed his mind and didn't want to sell his gun for $400 - he wanted to hold out for $450. All I could do was shake my head, let out a sigh and thank her for her time in telling me this.

At least YOU got a phone call with a phony story.
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