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A quick search found this:

"There were 2,361 cartridges, cases and bullets recovered from the entire battlefield, which reportedly came from 45 different firearms types (including the Army Springfields and Colts, of course) and represented at least 371 individual guns. The evidence indicated that the Indians used Sharps, Smith & Wessons, Evans, Henrys, Winchesters, Remingtons, Ballards, Maynards, Starrs, Spencers, Enfields and Forehand & Wadworths, as well as Colts and Springfields of other calibers. There was evidence of 69 individual Army Springfields on Custer's Field (the square-mile section where Custer's five companies died), but there was also evidence of 62 Indian .44-caliber Henry repeaters and 27 Sharps .50-caliber weapons. In all, on Custer's Field there was evidence of at least 134 Indian firearms versus 81 for the soldiers. It appears that the Army was outgunned as well as outnumbered."

The above was from the website.

This from the National Park Service/ Midwest Archeological Center:

Indian arms included, 44 caliber Henry, 44 caliber Model 1866 Winchesters, 44/40 caliber 1873 Winchester, all repeating rifles. The army in 1876 did not issue repeating rifles.

They do also mention that the indians of course had bows and arrow, clubs, old muzzle loaders etc. Mark
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