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Note from Missouri Bullet Company

just saw this on their facebook feed:

A heads-up: We are on the verge of making a fundamental change in our business model and wanted to give you all some early information about it, as you have all been nice enough to have taken the time to come here to our company Facebook page and deserve to be the first to know. The problem is that business is good. Too good. We can't meet demand. As you know, we have wholesale customers that acco...unt for major purchases and both the quantities ordered and the volume ordered are increasing steadily for them. Meanwhile, the retail trade is mushrooming out of control. Today, for example, Jo Ann took approximately fifty telephone calls, all while she was trying to pack, ship, and size bullets. Yesterday, two trucks arrived for wholesale pickups and Jo Ann and myself had worked until 2:30 AM yesterday trying to complete the orders, while Mark worked all that night and then throughout the day yesterday before the trucks came. And this is killing us. We're not spring chickens any more and can't keep this up. And so we have tentatively decided that we are going to close the door to new retail (internet) trade and exclusively service only the wholesale customers and our existing customer base, which we be grandfathered in. We are going to kill the Blue Press advertisement ASAP and impliment an access code on the ordering portion of website, which will have been sent to our 14,000+ existing customers when we ready the move.

This is what happens when a company evolves to meet changing circumstances and we don't want to do it. Not making new sales is likely to cause me a heart attack but it's something we have to do.

Anyhow, I welcome your comments as we formulate our plans for the future.

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