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Gura: Force of Nature

Some of you may be familiar with Attorney Donald Kilmer. He is the lead attorney in the Nordyke case; lead attorney in other CA 2A cases and co-counsel with Alan Gura in a couple more.

Monday Afternoon, Don started a thread at CalGuns with the same title as this thread. What he says, coming from an excellent attorney in his own right, means a lot. I asked for and received permission to quote his OP. If you wish to read the thread in the original, it is here:

Originally Posted by Lex Arma
I have the honor of being co-counsel with Alan Gura on a couple of cases here in California. Today we received notification of favorable outcomes in two cases in other states. One in which he played the crucial role of lead counsel (the Maryland Carry case) and another in which he appeared as amicus counsel (the Colorado Campus Carry case).

His victories are now starting to transcend great legal work and are treading into the realm of great art. Michelangelo's David and Pieta would have been enough, but the Sistine Chapel too?

Or if you prefer sports analogies: He isn't just on his way to winning the Triple Crown, he looks ready to repeat Secretariat's performance in the Belmont in 1973. Not only destroying the only other good horse in the country brave enough to enter the race (Sham), but setting a track record while doing it.

Or if you prefer military analogies, imagine if the 101st had not just broken out of Bastogne on their own (without Patton's help), but had gone on to crush the German counter-offensive (the Bulge) single-handedly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing a legal force of nature that comes along only once in a generation. I am a happy witness to this man's work and I am a grateful beneficiary of his talent.
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