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I did find somethings but nothing I can confirm. this is what I am going to put on the Ohio Page under State Emergency Powers:

3761.16 Areas Threatened By Riot May Be Cordoned Off.
The chief administrative officer of a political subdivision with police powers, when engaged in suppressing a riot or when there is a clear and present danger of a riot, may cordon off any area or areas threatened by the riot and prohibit persons from entering the cordoned off area or areas except when carrying on necessary and legitimate pursuits and may prohibit the sale, offering for sale, dispensing, or transportation of firearms or other dangerous weapons, ammunition, dynamite, or other dangerous explosives in, to, or from the cordoned off areas. Effective Date: 07-01-1996

Note: Federal Law can apply if the state is receiving monetary and/or other assistance from the Federal Government. See US Code 42-5207 for Federal Law as it applies to States of Emergencies. The state quoted code may also not be all of the law on Emergency Powers held by the state. You should read the entire code on Emergency Powers etc for this state by following the link to the state code.

Note: Ohio also has an Emergency Management System set up. It can be found in the Ohio Statutes 5502.21 thru 5502.51. These statutes do not go into any detail on the rules to govern such an Emergency. The Director of Public Safety is charged with setting up the rules on handling any Emergencies that tax local and state resources. did read where those rules would be made available at a disaster site. What those rules contain does not know and an online copy cannot be found.
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