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This is hilarious. I can't believe I'm reading this on a gun forum
Well all I can say is I was at the battlefield and listened to the park ranger describe the battle and went by the fact the soldiers were riddled with arrows and not to many were shot. But hey belive what you wish. I was very surprised to hear this from the ranger. There are numerous books on it if you wish to research it. My good friend Gary Spotter War Bonnets Grandpa made coup that day he was 14. I heard his tale on the res while visiting Gary.

While some warriors were armed with rifles (including antiquated muzzle-loaders and Army Sharps carbines which they had acquired years before in trades with settlers), the Indians also carried a large variety of traditional weapons. These included bows and arrows and several styles of heavy, stone-headed war clubs. According to the Indian accounts, at least half of the Indian warriors were armed only with bows and "many arrows," making this the primary weapon.[52] Many of the Indian participants, including the thirteen year-old Black Elk, claimed to have acquired their first gun from dead troopers at the battle.[53] The Sioux warrior White Bull described the Indians' systematically stripping slain troopers of guns and cartridge belts. As the losses mounted among Custer's men, the soldiers' fire steadily decreased, while the gunfire by the Indians with newly acquired weapons increased until reaching a crescendo.[54] Cheyenne participants gave similar testimony: the Indians' firepower was increased by the new carbines they took off the soldiers, and ammunition recovered from the saddlebags of the troopers' captured horses.
Tactics the Indians used then are common to gurilla warfare used to this day. Tied brush on the horses tails to make dust, burned brush to create smoke and separate the soldiers. But hey what do I know? It is history not TV made movies crap. Custer got his due after he killed countless women, children and old men.
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