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the second would be a huge class action lawsuit for just compensation of the conficated weapons. (The lawyers would win that one)
"Just Compensation" is a non issue for a .gov more than willing to print paper money ad infinitum ..... to quote FDR, "It does not matter how much we borrow- we only owe it to ourselves."

I don't think any door is permanently closed, cause nothing's written in stone. I was taught a big lesson that I'll never forget, while watching the way the health care bill was pushed through in congress without the senate being given a chance to vote on it again. The older I get and the more I see the more disgusted and ill I become.
The Constitution is supposed to be "set in stone", but when 1/2 the Supreme Court sees it as "evolving" and malleable, some even going so far as to cite foreign laws in deciding cases, then nothing is solid: The Law is what they say it is.
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