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Originally Posted by KC Rob
AIWB may be common terminology in your circles, but this thread is the first time I had ever seen/heard it.
It is common enough for me to know what it is and I never had to Google it. I have seen it referenced more times than I can count even here on TFL ( Conduct a quick search here on this board and see how many results come up. I just did it and there were four pages of results. Back to the topic please.

I agree with AH.74. Almost every, if not every ND that I have read about has happened outside of a holster or has been caused by a defective holster of some sort. I have not read about a Glock, M&P, or similar modern day designed firearm discharging while it was in a quality holster. That is why I am comfortable carrying AIWB (when I can legally of course.)

I mentioned that it is inherently more dangerous because of the location of the muzzle. I am not sure how to articulate exactly what I mean though. In my mind, anytime a firearm is pointed at any part of my body (even if I am carrying it) that situation is inherently more dangerous than it was before the muzzle was pointed at me. Holster, no holster, etc…

I tried around 20+ holsters before I settled on AIWB and it was the last carry method that I tried. I feels comfortable and gives me the perfect amount of conceal-ability, access, etc... Your mileage might vary.
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