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Admittedly, I have never been carjacked. I drive an 8 year old Chevy with 165K on it, not exactly a hot item for people looking to make big bucks from stealing cars. I suspect that most carjackings in the USA are simply punks wanting to joy ride and make some points with their "Homies". There is not much glory in having their toes run over as a driver pulls away giving them the one finger wave, so they are likely to visit violence on you no matter how compliant you are. Maybe its just me but I believe that every time one of these squirrels gets away with it, the more embolden they become as a whole. As previously said, we could "what if" the possible senarios until Obama becomes a conservative, but each of us will have to read the situation on the ground if and when we are faced with it just as any other SD situation. Keep up your skills so you have options, stay alert, have your mind made up about what you are willing to do and what your personal "trigger points" are. By that I mean those things that will make you decide its time to abandon your car, drive away making a fast moving target, or put two rounds in center mass. Just my car, OK, I could use a new one anyway, smash it up good. Take my car when my disabled daughter is in it and can't get out fast enough, sorry Skippy, its hammer time. Then I think about the fact that when I sheepishly hand over my car to some illiterate punk, is it not likely that that same punk will be jumping into a car with a young mother and her baby the next day? This time more self assured and eager to demonstrate his "manhood". Maybe it will be my daughter and grandson in that car tomorrow.

Now excuse me while I go put an additional spare mag in the storage pocket of my drivers door.
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