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I was trying to give him (OP) advice for what I thought was beginning marksmanship training.
Except that is not what was asked.

Whenever I train on the range, as I draw my pistol, my goal is to bring the gun up and to have the front sight go directly to the center of the target. However, it seems that no matter how much I practice, when I bring the gun up into the firing position, my front sight first goes off to the left or right, or perhaps a bit too high.
You need to smooth out your draw and learn how to bring the gun up into your field of vision ON the target.

It is a practice thing.
Start off easy ('indexed' to the target) until the draw is smooth and reliably on the target.

THEN start working on targets that are not nicely positioned (like off to the side).

It takes a lot of practice, and there is no simple way to speed things up.
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