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Blackfeather- thank you. This is not a new term and is frequently used.

To use your rhetorical logic, if you're just sitting there, then you're not actually doing anything, but then, that can hardly be called "carrying" either.
Bill, you're not making sense. What is this supposed to mean? If I'm in my truck and have my gun APPENDIX IWB, I'm not actually carrying? Really. I have to actually be in motion to be carrying according to your definitions?

I sit down at my desk and suddenly I'm not really carrying. Right.

An officer getting into a scrum and being pushed into something which compromises his holster is hardly your everyday situation. It is not something you can plan for other than using good, safe gear.

Good, safe gear means something of high quality and NOT DEFECTIVE. The example I used- did you happen to see pictures of the holster that person was using? It was clearly worn- it had a dangerous crease in it which was the fold point causing the ND. Very evident that he should have known the holster had become defective and should have been put out of use and really thrown away.

I am not blindly stating anything. But using the most extreme examples you can think of doesn't support your case. A rider getting hit from behind, and his 1911 going off? Hardly your everyday, average situation. In your everyday, average situation a properly holstered gun is not going to discharge. It really is as simple as that. It happens all over the world- properly holstered guns not going off.

The majority of ND's happen when guns are OUT of the holster, held in the hand.
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