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Let me just elaborate here on my earlier comments for just a minute. I was referring only to carry methods or positions, not to different guns. When thinking about this particular thread, I realized that the guns I acquired over the years tended, eventually, to all work the same way and to be pretty much the same size. And when making most of those purchases, I usually thought long and hard about other choices at the same time that were quite different but in the end, selected something not so different from what I already had or previously had owned. What I ended up with isn't so important here so much as the fact that I have apparently settled on a particular form of handgun.

The selection reflects, I suppose, my idea of what I think works best for me and also my idea that you ought to "made do" with it under any circumstances. However, I'll quickly admit that it's more of a subconscious thing than anything else. You just use certain things most of the time and find they work and then you just don't bother with anything else.

The troubling thing is that even so, there are lots of variations on the theme that I haven't tried out yet.
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