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AH.74 - You asked.

I'm responding to your comments, to wit:

Explain to me how a discharge is possible if I'm sitting and my gun is holstered AIWB.
To use your rhetorical logic, if you're just sitting there, then you're not actually doing anything, but then, that can hardly be called "carrying" either.

I can have my Glock AIWB at 2:00 and be perfectly safe. As long as I'm not playing with the trigger, and I CAN'T while it's properly holstered, there is no chance of a discharge. That's what I'm saying.
You're the first person to use the acronym "AIWB" and I'm not getting the "A" or how it's significantly different than "IWB". Maybe I'm missing something.

However, you insist that your Glock is "perfectly safe" because, simply "it's properly holstered". I'm sure that officer Christmas shopping never thought his gun would discharge either. Yes, we do accept some risk, but only after consciously and carefully evaluating it. But to blindly state that a gun will not [ever] go off in a holster is a delusion.

Again, this gets back to the real world where the gun is attached to a body which is in frequent motion. Some of those motions may allow a safety to be disengaged, leaving the wearer at higher risk. I've experienced it first hand. Some subsequent event -- like falling against a pegboard or being pushed into a dense hedge -- may then exert enough force through the holster to move the trigger. Those are not terribly extreme incidents, IMO. I've seen a fair number of altercations end up in bushes, hedges, barbed wire and rocky highway shoulders. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out the odds of something snagging the trigger are not astronomical.

What is "safe gear"? I prefer a thumb break holster for the retention security and most are made of quality leather. Others eschew them as "slow" and unnecessary with tension screw adjustments and boned holsters. Open top holsters may be fine for some and fine for some applications, but not for any kind of strenuous physical activity or being in a crowd of people.[1] To me, safe means Glocks[2] in Kydex or thermoplastic holsters; or holsters with a hard shield around the trigger area.

1. With an unloaded gun, climb four flights of stairs urgently. At the top, reverse direction and scrambled down the stairs as fast as you can safely. Odds are 2-3 in guns will fall out before the bottom of the stairs or be so loose it can be plucked out with two fingers.
2. And Smith & Wesson's M&P pistols without an external safety.
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