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IMO here's one shootout from the British Army in Northern Ireland that shows what a very highly trained professional can do to terrorists:

One evening in the Londonderry area of Northern Ireland an SAS man was working alone on a surveillance task; he was in an unmarked civilian car driving around some very dangerous areas of that city. He had his Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol on his belt and several other weapons stashed inside the car, including an MP5 & a G3K 7.62mm assault rifle.

Somehow the opposition (the IRA) became aware of his presence and hastily brought together a team of 4 shooters armed with AK47s & AR18s; they got a car and began to follow the SAS man. Given that he was an expert in both surveillance and counter-surveillance, it was fairly obvious to him he'd outstayed his welcome in the area and they were onto him. So he began to drive calmly away from the area, but this quickly descended into a pursuit and the other car forced its way infront, stopped and created a barrier. The first burst of fire from the AK47 effectively immobilised the SAS man's car.

Whatever the circumstances it appeared that a fast reverse and a J-turn to escape were now out of the question; so the SAS man engaged them. He drew his Browning and went on the offensive. Despite being massively 'out-gunned' he used his Browning so quickly, accurately and effectively that three out of four terrorists were killed or incapacitated.

The 4th terrorist dropped his AK47 and ran away. The 'rumour' is that the SAS man let him go, despite being quite capable of killing him, so the terrorist could tell the others what it was like to take on an SAS man and lose!

A nice piece of quick thinking psychological warfare on his part.

I'm sure there are numerous similar examples of very high skilled shooters, whether military, police or a civilian protecting himself that can be mentioned. I thought you might like this one. It's quite relevant for our US audience too, because the SAS were credited with bringing Jeff Cooper's Modern Technique, including the Weaver Stance, etc, to the UK in the 60s/70s. The influence of their training meant that the UK Police adopted it (where do you think they get their training then??)
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